PTZ Camera’s

WebcamCees PTZ Camera

A PTZ Camera, also called PTZ IP camera if it concerns a network camera. This is a remote controlled camera that allows the driver to zoom in and out, pan and tilt remotely. PTZ is an abbreviation for 'Pan, Tilt and Zoom'. The camera can be controlled via a DVR, joystick, or PC. Control can also be done via a tablet or smartphone if the app and the PTZ camera support this.

The type of camera used here is the AXIS Q6078-E PTZ. This camera offers UHD 4K with 20x optische zoom for superior video quality. It is ideal for city surveillance, airports, train stations, ports and stadiums.

This camera is installed by Webcam.NL. WebCam.NL supplies and installs professional FULL HD and ultraHD 4K (PTZ) cameras for: construction projects, traffic routes, tourist attractions, beaches, zoos, ports, sports fields

Types of PTZ camera's

As with almost any security camera, there are several types of PTZ cameras to choose from. One is suitable for indoor use, the other can be used outside again. In addition, there are also cameras with night vision or types that transmit the images over the network. Depending on the application and budget, you can find a number of reviews here of outdoor cameras that best suit you. The new Reolink E1 Zoom Outdoor security camera is a widely used home security camera with good specifications (5 Megapixels Video, 3X Optical Zoom: 2560x1920 5MP ultra HD resolution)

Indoor PTZ cameras also come in all kinds and price ranges. The Reolink E1 zoom (5MP) is a widely used type where the software and documentation are also in good order. You can find the review here. The affiliate links of both cameras are below.

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Buy Reolink E1 Zoom on Amazon: link