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My name is Cees van der Boon and I have been a net fisherman since I was 12 years old. Since 1959 I fish with different shrimp nets, and for the last 5 years also with standing, as a hobby.
This was also the reason for me to live on the boulevard, because of the view of the beach. Unfortunately there was a Delta committee, which felt that it was not safe enough here on the coast, which I, as an expert on beach and sea, did not agree with. I objected to the Council of State, without result. The solution for me was a WEBCAM on the roof. With the great advantage that not only me, but everyone with an internet connection can view the beach and the sea from home.
I wish everyone a lot of viewing pleasure.

The Website was created with the cooperation of my cousin
Willem Ketting and rowing photos by Gijs vd Plas and some beach photos by Johan Westra.

For questions or comments, please contact Cees van der Boon.